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Campaign Finance Disclosure

Campaign Finance for Los Angeles County Offices
(Assessor, District Attorney, Sheriff, and the Board of Supervisors Only)

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View Campaign Statements (CA Form 460)

Click on the link below to access and use TRACCER's Online Searchable Database of Campaign Filings for Candidate Controlled Committees (1/1/2007 to Present):

View Other Campaign Disclosure Forms (465, 496, 497, and 800), Primarily Formed Committees, Independent Expenditures, and Historical Campaign Filings (Not Available in TRACCER)

The Department currently allows the public to view redacted campaign disclosure forms, in pdf format, filed pursuant to State and County law.


The LA County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk's TRACCER (Track Registrar-Recorder's Automated Campaign Contributions Electronic Reports) allows candidates and elected officials to electronically file their campaign disclosure statements with the RR/CC. To file a statement on TRACCER, the officeholder, candidate, candidate's official treasurer or assistant treasurer must request a login ID and password by completing the TRACCER User Registration Form.


Campaign Contribution Limits

The County campaign contribution limitations ordinance (commonly referred to as Proposition B) was passed in November 1996. Proposition B regulates campaign contributions to candidates running for the offices of Assessor, District Attorney, Sheriff, and members of the Board of Supervisors. For a list of frequently asked questions and information on contribution limits, click on the handbook below.

DISCLAIMER: Contributions accepted during the campaign might be a basis for conflicts for Metro Board Members on contractual matters. For further information, you may contact the Metro Ethics Department at ethics@metro.net or (213) 922-2900. (Updated February 19, 2016)

**ATTENTION** Following is a recent legal analysis regarding Proposition B General Election Contribution Limits:

The code sections cited are from Los Angeles County Code 2.190.

  • Proposition B states that the Primary and the General elections are separate elections, and it provides a timeframe in which a candidate must declare whether he/she agrees to expenditure and personal fund limits. (2.190.050(B)); (2.190. 060(D)).

  • After the Primary election, all general election candidates may receive contributions in the amount of $300 until he/she files a Form 800 (Election Campaign Declaration-"ECD") agreeing to be bound by the voluntary expenditure limit.  (2.190.040(A))

  • Once that ECD is filed, the candidate may receive contributions in the amount of $1500.  (2.190.040(B)) 

  • The contribution limit may then change, one more time, depending on the ECD filed by the other candidate and his/her selection regarding expenditure and personal fund limits.  (2.190.070)

NOTE: This notice was sent to candidates and campaigns for County offices participating in the November 4, 2014 General Election.


How Can I Get More Information?
Contact the RR/CC Proposition B Unit at (562) 462-3000, or visit our office at 12400 Imperial Highway, Room 2003, Norwalk, CA 90650. Other valuable websites include:

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